Chalkboard Paint Ideas


Get Creative with Colorful Chalkboard Paint

Have fun with colorful chalkboard paint!  The traditional blackboard can now be any color you imagine. Create unique wall calendars, to-do lists, tabletops, and much more with erasable, washable chalkboard paint―in any color!

Chalkboard_KitchenMenu_thumbDaily Menu

Create a charming menu board on a kitchen wall by framing a painted chalkboard square with decorative molding or a painted border. It’s a nice touch for family gatherings or when entertaining special guests.

chalkboard-paint-girlLittle Artists’ Studio

Let your kids write and draw on the walls! You can create a canvas for them by painting an entire wall—or a section of it—with chalkboard paint. Best of all, you can make your chalkboard wall any color.

Chalkboard_HerbPots_thumbFlowerpot Labels

Paint plain terracotta pots with chalkboard paint so that you can label them with chalk to identify the plants. Let the kids help you design a colorful window herb garden or seedling nursery.

Chalkboard_FoldingDoors_thumbChalkboard Message Center

Use chalkboard paint to create a handy, reusable message board for your entire family. Use it as a central location for writing down grocery list items, messages, phone numbers and quick reminders where the whole family will see them.

Chalkboard_PlayTable_thumbKids’ Activity Table

Turn any table top into a chalkboard. Paint a child’s table with chalkboard paint and add a checkerboard or tic-tac-toe grid. Be sure to keep a container of chalkboard chalk handy. Show the kids how to erase their work with a clean, damp cloth or paper towel.

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